The Big Four: Fashions Capitals of the World


We all like to think that we have great style and fashion, but have you ever wondered where we get it? With international travel as accessible as it is today, it’s no wonder fashionistas around the world are packing their bags and buying annual holiday insurance. Whether you go to London, Paris, Milan or New York, you’re bound to find the best fashion in the world. These fashion capitals are known for their influence on international trends. Along with being the top shopping destinations in the world, these fashion capitals are a key centre in the fashion industry.



Though fashion can be attributed to London all the way back to the mid-1500s, it wasn’t until 1984 that London had its first fashion week. The show featured a number of different designers whose fashion varied greatly. The city has always been known to set international trends with unique fashion that shows off individuality, but London’s biggest recent trends have come from Duchess Kate Middleton and the 2012 London Summer Olympics. As well as being the number one fashion capital in the world for the past two years, London, along with New York, is one of the world’s most economically powerful cities and leading financial centres.



For the longest time, Paris has been known as a fashion capital of the world from its intricate fashion shows and runways to the haute couture you find on every corner of the city. Along with its elegant fashions and haute couture, Paris is home to numerous well-known fashion schools and high-end shopping districts. Fashion in Paris is one of the most ideal opportunities, and because of its well-known presence in the fashion industry, it’s an ideal location for fashion designers and companies alike.



Walking in Milan is like walking straight onto the runway. You’ll find that Milan has a long tradition of excellence with designer and fashion icons such as Armani, Versace, and Dolce and Gabanna whom all started in the heart of Milan. The Milanese are proud of their high-end fashion styles and most wear designer clothes with high heels. Fashion in Milan has a high concentration in ready-to-wear chic clothing rather than Paris’ haute couture.


New York City:

Known for its American style, New York is home to some of the oldest fashion designers in the world, along with some of the newest designers. Along with high-end fashion, New York, like London, is one of the world’s leading financial centres and economically powerful. From the New York fashion runway to the New York shopping districts, New York holds its own in setting international trends. No matter what part of the city you are in, you’ll find the fashion in each district varies and equally sets trends internationally.


It’s no wonder why these four cities are considered the fashion capitals of the world. Each city has its own unique flare on the fashion industry and each one alike sets trends worldwide. Whether you’re wearing haute couture in Paris or ready-to-go chic in Milan, you’ll fit in just fine.

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